Why Babylon 5 is better than Star Trek

  • Ivanova is God. vs. Janeway is lost.
  • A Bab5 episode isn’t neatly ended in the last 5 minutes
  • Kes is only a P1
  • Tell me we won’t have poverty in the future !
  • Reversable transporter accidents vs. Actual bodily harm (Just ask G’Kar)
  • PPGs don’t have a ‚STUN‘ setting.
  • You don’t get paid in Star Trek.
  • Relationships on B5 last more than one convenient episode.
  • The characters and Voyager change so little, they might as well be in stasis.
  • Ivanova is always right. vs. Janeway is usually wrong.
  • Babylon 5 has romance. vs. Voyager is Puritans Lost in Space.
  • People stay dead on B5.
  • B5 has computer generated graphics vs. Voyager has a computer generated Plot
  • You will never see the head of a voyager character on a pike….Wave.
  • B5 characters evolve over time. vs. ST characters devolve, then recover, in a single episode.
  • Three letters: J-M-S.
  • Babylon 5’s name comes from an important historical reference. vs. Voyager is named after a mini-van.
  • Garibaldi… and Duck Dodgers and the 24th and 1/2 Century!
  • ST nicknames: „Bones“ vs. B5 nicknames: „Star Killer.“
  • B5 has Bester vs. ST has Chekov.
  • One word: Revolution.
  • Holodeck vs. Down-below.
  • The characters on B5 are anatomicaly superior (just ask Londo)
  • the good guys and girls wear black.
  • Janeway will have a shoulder for Garibaldi to cry on vs. Ivanova will have him shot on sight.
  • On B5 Marcus is a virgin and it’s a big deal. vs. On -any- ST show, they never admit to having sex.
  • I couldn’t sleep the night „Zha’ha’dum“ aired. vs. I sleep DURING ST:V
  • Straczynski freed Narn, and it was a WARM UP episode!
  • ST: Dragging it’s butt on putting in GLBT characters. vs. B5: Ivanova and Talia.
  • In B5 the dock workers actually go on strike.
  • Star furies do excellent 3D manouvers with realistic inertia. vs. Voager kinda sits there and fires.
  • Babylonian Productions actually likes the idea of fans vs. Paramount likes only the idea of more money. (see the Online Freedom Federation on Paramounts attempts to shut down Star Trek Websites run by fans)
  • B5:influenced by Tolkein vs. V’ger:influenced by money.
  • On B5 the Maquis wouldn’t be ‚re-educated‘ but told you’re the type we want – go kick Shadow butt‘
  • On Babylon 5 you have Heros. vs. In ST:Voy you have Zeros.
  • If Clark were running the Federation, Janeway probably wouldn’t break away to oppose him.
  • B5 characters are spurred to action by their principles vs. V’ger characters just hide behind them.
  • Ships that have (gasp) momentum!
  • B5 has a direction, Voyager dosn’t (Probably because they don’t know space has 3 dimentions.
  • ISN broadcasted Voyager episodes on Earth during Clark’s regime.
  • The Battle of the Line vs. Wolf 359.
  • Sheridan: Sees a less-developed planet under attack, starts a war with a vastly superior race. vs. Janeway: Sees a less-developed planet under attack, and uses the Prime Directive to cover her ass.
  • On voyager, everybody listens to Neelix. vs. On B5, nobody ever listens to Zathras !
  • Plot complexity : On b5: you miss one line and you are confused for the rest of the season. vs. On voyager: you catch last 5 minutes of the episode and you already understand the entire episode.
  • ST: Last minute solution saves the race. vs. B5: last minute solution too late, race dies.
  • Number of times B5 has been taken by hostile forces: 0 vs.
    Number of times V’ger has been taken by hostile forces: 3 (4 if you count holographic Nazis)!

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Pizza, courtesy of Dune, Charly + PeterBananenkuchen, genial gebaut von Andi + Petra


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PowerUp Übergabe

Am Ende des Projekts ‚PowerUp‘ stand die feierliche Übergabe der entwickelten Trainings-Unterlagen.

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Wir hatten ja sehr viel Spaß – beim ausdrinken der Reste 😉!

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The Key to Time

doctor who logo(Dr. Who is a british sci-fi series. See the newsgroup rec.arts.drwho and the official BBC site) I discovered the Doctor in the Summer of ’94, and have now seen every episode from ‚Pirate Planet‘ to ‚Survival‘.

The ‚Key to Time‘ fascinated me – not so much the episodes but the Key itself. (See tardis.wikia for more information on the Key) Although Romana says that the Key is ‚hardly complex enough to be called a puzzle‘, I personaly think it makes quite a hard puzzle.

I spent a day in front of the VRC, looking very hard at the few minutes where you can actually see the key, and began working: I used a potato model of each segment first, then made a drawing, then an exact construction and at last a paper model.

The result was very encouraging – it took me some time to solve the puzzle. So I decided to share it with the people on the Net (that’s you !). It took me an evening to learn enough Postscript, and another day to write it, but here it is at last:

You can print it with Adobes Acroreader and similar programs. Its formated for A4. Now all you need is scissors and glue. To make the easy version of the puzzle, use the side with the print on it as the outside. It’s harder to solve if you build it with the printed side inside.

Share and enjoy !

page created (before) august 1994, no major improvements since then 😉

the beginning

And then, as she watched, and listened, and perceived,
the web began to fill itself with information
— ‚Transition‚ by Vonda McIntyre

Als ich dieses Zitat ca. 1993 las, hatte ich gerade meine ersten Webseiten geschrieben.